Hello again, I hope you are all doing good. As part of my first steps toward minimalism, I recently decided not to buy any new eyeshadow palettes until I hit pan on at least one of them. I made this decision knowing that palettes are my weakness but some recent releases are proving to be mighty tempting for me. Many are complaining about the avalanche of warm, fall tones coming out right now but I’m just over here like:

So here are the eyeshadow palettes I have my eye on. I’m coming for you guys.

1. Sephora Pro Warm Palette

I haven’t bought a lot from the Sephora Collection because there isn’t a store near me but I hear nice things. I’m really digging this Sephora Pro Warm Palette. I love the mix of neutrals, berries, and shimmery golds in this palette. Very tempting indeed.

2. Urban Decay Naked Heat

Urban Decay has been pretty consistent in their quality but hit or miss with the color choices for me. I love my Ultimate Basics palette but will probably donate my Naked Smoky palette. I’m blown away away by this Naked Heat Palette, however. Every one of these shades are gorgeous. Given the price tag, this one may stay on the wishlist for a while.

3. Morphe Nature Glow Palette

I don’t think this Morphe Nature Glow Palette is a new release but it has been catching my eye a lot lately. This has a lot of deep browns and burnt-oranges in addition to more traditional neutrals. Some shades may be too dark for me but since it is way more affordable than I expected, I wouldn’t mind.

4. Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes

This isn’t a temptation so much as I am definitely going to be purchasing this on its launch date of August 31st. I love the Sweet Peach original palette so much and I honestly do need more berry shades in my repertoire. Besides, I have a whole month to work on panning one of my palettes.

Which of the new palettes are you lusting after? Have a great weekend, everybody!

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***This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made will result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.


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