Hey gang, its time for another Petit Vour subscription box! For those not familiar with Petit Vour, it is a monthly beauty box with a focus on high-end vegan and cruelty-free products. This is my second month with this service and I loved my box from last month.


Including a face mist in the July box was a smart move because it is so hot! Its so nice to pull this Sea Minerals Mist from Osea out of the fridge and have a quick blast of coolness that also nourishes my skin at the same time. This spray is loaded with minerals and is very lightweight.


I haven’t had a chance to try this Coconut Sugar and Salt Scrub from Zandana yet, but I can tell you it smells like delicious vegan brownies. Based on the aroma and the ingredient list, I have high expectations.


This Juniper Lake soap by Tay came at the perfect moment because I was running out of soap. How lucky is that?! I’m not usually a fan of juniper but this soap actually smells really good! It could be a little more moisturizing for my tastes but, in general, I like it.


This Healing Rose Balm from R. L. Linden and Co.  is nice but unflavored. I generally like a little something to cover up the balm itself but I acknowledge that there are probably those who prefer unflavored.


I had never tried a loose powder on my eyebrows before so I wasn’t sure what to make of this brow powder from Adorn Mineral Cosmetics. I was expecting some fallout but I just tapped the excess powder off my brush before applying and it wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, it was a couple of shades too light for me.

I definitely feel like I got my $15 worth this month and I’m excited to see what is in store next month as well. Have a great week, everybody!


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