It can be hard enough to be an ethical consumer these days without having to seek out a specialty store or having to pay extra. That is why I have compiled this list of cruelty-free beauty brands that are inexpensive and available in drugstores and big box stores.

1. Ecotools

Eco Tools 6 Piece Starter Set

This brand is not only cruelty-free but also vegan! I already have a few of their makeup brushes, but I didn’t realize they also make spongeshair brushes, and re-usable facial clothes. I will definitely be purchasing some of the facial clothes as I  only have two and I like that the Ecotools cloths are made with organic materials. I’ll be sure to post a review when I do.

2. e.l.f.

E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick Ravishing Rose

E. L. F. is a very popular brand, but I had no idea they were cruelty-free. I already own some eyeliner from them, but now that I know that I am more interested in trying their skin care line and eyeshadow. Let me know below if you’ve had good or bad experiences with these products.

3. NYX

NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Matte Finish/Long Lasting

I was very pleased to learn that NYX is a cruely-free brand as I own several of their products including the Honey Dew Me Up PrimerThe Adorable Shadow Palette, and Dark Circle Concealer which has a peachey/orange pigment for color correction.

4. The Body Shop

The Body Shop Strawberry Festive Bauble Gift Set

I have to be honest, I’ve slept on this brand. I know a lot of people love it but I just hadn’t gotten around to it, so to speak. After researching it for this post, I am interested in trying the strawberry body butter pictured above and the The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer, Paraben-Free Face Cream. Again, I would appreciate any experiences you would like to share with this band.

5. Wet n Wild

WET N WILD To Reflect Shimmer Palette – I’ll Have a Cosmo

Wet n Wild has come a long way lately. Their packaging and product line has been on-point without jacking up their prices. I’ve had the above highlighter for quite a  while and I love it. Now that I know they are also cruelty-free as well as being high quality and reasonably priced, I’m going to try out their nail polishes and lipsticks.

I hope this helps next time you want to pick up some makeup and stay ethical. Have a great weekend, guys!

***This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission on any purchase made at no additional cost to you.

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17 thoughts on “5 Cruelty-Free Drug Store Brands

  1. I’ve tried those brushes! I’ve always gotten them from TJ Maxx and they’re the only ones I use! They’re literally the best.
    Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts! I would love it you could stop by sometime!
    Mena |

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  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m trying to be mindful with what I use and I can’t wait to try ecotools’ facial cloth and elf cosmetics 🙂


  3. Great post with useful information. If you like masks I recommend the Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask. I love it. I have also used e.l.f. eyeshadows and they are good quality. They have some fallout but last well. My favorite e.l.f. product is their makeup ersaer stick. It is a lifesaver when I apply mascara.

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