I’ve been reading about minimalism quite a bit lately. Many bloggers are extolling the virtues of owning fewer things and, I must admit, I’m intrigued. In honor of National Simplicity Day, here are the items I’ve decided to no longer buy.

1. K cups

This one is for both financial reasons and environmental. I go through far too many of these and it just makes more sense to buy coffee in bulk. Not to mention it makes it more difficult to compost the coffee and the pods are not recyclable.

2. Eye Cream

I have yet to find one that addresses my dark circles or eye bags, so it must be an internal problem such as allergies or too much sugar in my diet. If that is the case, eye cream is just a waste of money.

3. Makeup Removal Wipes

I bought some reusable microfiber cloths at T. J. Maxx a while back and haven’t looked back since. They are super soft and do a great job of removing my makeup. They have even inspired me to look inti other reusable options for things like cotton pads and paper towels.

4. Eyeshadow Pallettes

… For now. I just have so many at the moment that I couldn’t possibly justify buying more until I hit pan on some of them, something I’ve never done.

I expect this list to grow as I continue to explore minimalism and, if so, I will update it from time to time. I’m also working my way through a de-cluttering of my closet which I’m pretty excited about.

Check back Friday when I’ll go over some cruelty free drugstore brands.

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3 thoughts on “Minimalism and National Simplicity Day

  1. I have also been intrigued by minimalism and I also agree in not buying more eyeshadow palettes. I have this need to always want to update them, despite not finishing or even using a wide range of colours. Eye cream is another product I have yet to invest in. Great post. x

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