You should receive a professional facial every four to six weeks, however, our schedules and/or pocketbooks don’t always allow for this. If you find yourself having to go the do-it-yourself route, here are some tips I’ve picked up from being a professional esthetician.

1. First Cleanse

The first cleanse should be focused on removing makeup and surface dirt. Gel cleansers tend to be especially good at breaking up oils, so I recommend using one for this step.

2. Second Cleanse 

This step should be specific to your skin type, gel cleansers for oily, cream cleansers for dry or sensitive. Normal and combo can choose amongst these according to their needs at the time.

3. Exfoliation

For this step, you have two options: granular or enzyme. Granular exfoliants will have some kind of bead or seed that you physically scrub into your skin. Enzyme exfoliants break up dead skin on their own with no scrubbing required. Those with roughly textured skin will benefit more from a granular exfoliant, while just about everyone else will want an enzyme to avoid overstimulation.

4. Mask

If blackheads are your concern, mud and charcoal masks are great. For inflamed acne or sensitive skin, look for products with oatmeal or rose. Wine is a great ingredient to look for when treating normal and mature skin. Avocado and hyluronic acid are power ingredients for dry skin.

5. Serums and Moisturizer 

Serums are optional but they pack a big punch. I use hyluronic acid on my dry skin. Vitamin C serums are great for anti-aging. They are extremely lightweight and penetrate quickly so its best to apply them to clean, exfolatiated skin.

Apply moisturizer last as it tends to be heavier. I prefer Renewed Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. If you have a problem with oiliness, be sure to use an oil-free formulation but never skip this step and dehydrated skin can often produce even more oil in an attempt to balance out the skin.

I hope you were able to find some useful tips. See you Monday when we will be talking about self care.

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