Many of us were pretty disappointed when Nars decided to start selling their product in China, a decision that will knock them off of the cruelty-free beauty list. In order to sell cosmetics in China, you are required to test your products on animals. It is an archaic law that needs to be eradicated but as it stands now, it is the cost of doing business. Nars has decided that the suffering of animals is worth it in order to break into so large a market, so obviously I will no longer be buying their products, nor will countless others.

Not one to let such a shady move go unnoticed, Kat Von D posted a call-out to her Instagram. 9pwfm861qu6z

I could not agree with her statement more. It is incredibly disheartening to see a company that you used to respect turn their back on their values. In fairness, here is the Nars response to the controversy.


I, for one, am not convinced. To recognize that this is a problem that needs to stop and to go ahead and participate anyway is so much more inexcusable than if this was a decision based on ignorance or a belief that it’s no big deal.

I believe in voting with my dollars and I hope you do too. What do you guys think, will this decision keep you from purchasing Nars products in the future?

Be sure to check back on Wednesday when I explore options for layering during summer months.

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4 thoughts on “Kat Von D Claps Back Against Nars and Animal Cruelty

  1. I’m so conflicted over this. I have loved my Nars products for so long, in fact Sheer Glow Foundation is my favourite medium coverage foundation, but I’m disgusted that the brand has been bought so to speak.

    What disgusts me more though is that Chinese law makes selling in their country require animal testing. Ultimately, that’s where the problem is.

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