I have very thick,  curly hair and I live in a hot, humid environment so finding a successful hair care routine has been somewhat of a challenge. Through years of trial and error, and the advice I’ve read on the curly hair sub Reddit, I have finally nailed down a hair care routine that leave me with defined, frizz-free curls every time.

Regis Design Line Olive Oil Shampoo

The first step is a great shampoo. I first bought this Regis Olive Oil Shampoo at a salon and I have stuck with it ever since. It is honestly the best shampoo I have ever tried. It has an unusual texture for a shampoo and it doesn’t have much of a lather but it leaves my hair feeling very moisturized. Most shampoos leave my hair feeling rough and dry but this just left it feeling silky and clean.

Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment

About once a week, I mask my hair to restore hydration and nutrients. I love this Silk Elements Olive Moisturizing Treatment because it contains olive, avacado, and silk, three super-ingredients that I look for in a hair treatment. Its a great detangler as well, another sign of a great mask in my opinion. My hair is always noticeably less frizzy after using this.

Deva Curl One Condition Original

After browsing r/CurlyHair, I heard about this brand Deva Curl. After years of struggling with frizz, I was excited to try out a new brand. I tried out the One Condition Conditioner and so far I have liked it. This isn’t my favorite of the Deva Curl products that I have tried, but it is a good conditioner. I think I will try the Ultra Creamy formulation next time.

Deva Curl MirrorCurls

MirrorCurls Serum is the hero product in the line in my opinion. I flip my hair over and scrunch this into my hair, then wrap my hair up in a t-shirt for as long as my schedule allows, a procedure know as “plopping.” This has been a crucial part of my daily routine because it produces such great results.

Deva Curl Light Defining Gel

I finish off my hair care routine by scrunching in some gel. This step is crucial for me because it locks out humidity. I like the Deva Curl Light Defining Gel because it doesn’t leave my hair dry or crispy. It holds the curls for the entire day and I don’t have to worry about constantly checking my hair.

I hope you found this useful. Check back on Friday when I reveal new products for the Etsy shop.

***This post contains affiliate links. All products were purchased with my own money and all reviews are my honest opinion.

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15 thoughts on “Finally, A Curly Hair Routine That Works!

  1. OMG! I hear you! The struggle is so real.
    I’m also a girl with a lot of voluminous curly hair and sometimes I just think that I’ve had enough of it and decide that is time for a keratin treatment. However, I do not have the guts to do it.
    Great post!

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  2. Awesome post!!! So relatable !! would love for you to check out my blog!!xX My most recent post deals with an all natural hair mask for longer, stronger, and overall healthy curls !!

    Check it out at:

    Happy Blogging!!!


  3. After forcing my hair to be straight by having it treated for as long as I can remember, it has become very dry and refused to be straight by any means anymore. So now I’m letting it go and I stopped having treatments to allow my strands to follow their natural patterns. Everyone, even I, was surprised to learn that I actually have nice wavy curls! Now, I just condition and I’m learning the art of scrunching my natural curls, and I’m loving my hair more!


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