Hi guys! I’m here today to share with you my first experience with the brand AHAVA. They are based in Isreal and their line features salts, muds, and waters from the Dead Sea. Dead Sea products have been popular in skin care for many decades due to extremely high amounts of minerals found there, the highest in the world actually. Magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium are all vital to healthy functioning skin. Making sure my skin has enough minerals has been something I’ve neglected in the past, so I decided to give them a try!

I tested out these products by giving myself a little mini-facial. I will review the products in the order that I used them.


Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask

After using my normal cleanser, I applied the Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask. In addition to the Dead Sea mud, it contains kaolin, B5, jojoba oil, aloe, chamomille, Vitamin E, sunflower seed, and lactic acid (don’t worry, lactic acid is vegan, its sterol lactate that we vegans have to watch out for). It had a bit of grittiness to it, doing double duty as an exfoliant and mask. I left in on for two minutes, as per the instructions and washed it off. My skin felt smoother and softer, which were the results I wanted. I also did not have any negative reactions to this product, always a concern when trying something new for those of us with sensitive skin. If you would like to sample it before committing to the full size product, they have a travel size and a single-use size. I think that offering those kinds of options is really innovative and I wish more companies would follow their lead.

Time to Hydrate Hydration Cream Mask

Next, I applied the Time to Hydrate Hydration Cream Mask and left it on for about ten minutes. I really enjoyed the creamy texture and found it to be both hydrating and soothing to my skin. The mask contains shea butter, Dead Sea water, Vitamin E, Dead Sea Mud, and lactic acid. Lactic acid is another power ingredient, known to refine and brighten the skin. This product is also available in a single-use size for convenient and risk-free shopping.

Time to Revitalize Extreme Day Cream

Next I applied the Time to Revitalize Extreme Day Cream. I purchased this item because I’m beginning to show signs of crow’s feet and this promises to “reduce wrinkles and firm skin.” I haven’t been using it long enough to speak to that aspect of the product, but I can say its a damn good moisturizer. It contains grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Dead Sea water, folic acid, and B5. I love that is contains a ton of natural ingredients such as rose extract, date fruit extract, St. John’s Wort, Island moss, goji berries, Himalayan raspberry, and algae. This day cream comes in a travel size as well. At this point, my skin felt like I had just had a professional facial, something I’m overdue for.

Cactus and Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream

I also picked up a couple of lotions because I happened to be out. I chose this Cactus and Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream for my feet and hands. It has a surprisingly floral scent, similar to the Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea scent. (Sweet Pea used to be my jam!) I think this is a great hand cream and it made my feet feel awesome as well. You can try it out in a travel size, if you like.

Prickly Pear & Moringa Mineral Body Lotion

For my body lotion, I chose this Prickly Pear & Moringa Mineral Body Lotion. I absolutely the smell of this, it is light and fresh without being too perfumey. It works great as a lotion, my elbows tend to be dry but this helped immensely. I could not find a travel or single-use size, but it is one the free samples with purchase options you can choose at checkout. (You can choose 3 freebies!)

If you are reading this close to the publishing date, you can use code TAKE40 to get 40% plus free shipping on orders over $75, but I believe that promotion ends at the end of June.

Join me again on Wednesday when I share my curly hair care routine with you.

***This post contains affiliate links. These products were purchased with my own money and all reviews are my honest opinion.

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