I learned something about cellulite the other day that literally blew my mind. Cellulite is not a “condition,” it is a secondary sex characteristic, meaning it is as natural to women as breasts or pubic hair. It cannot ever be “cured” because it is a direct result of the difference between how men and women store fat.


As you can see in the infographic above, men have a sort of criss-cross pattern to their fat storage whereas women have a spherical pattern, which is why men do not get cellulite but women do. (Note: sometimes hormone imbalances can create exceptions to that rule.) No cream or wrap or treatment will every change the fundamental way your body is programmed to store fat.

In fact, the word “cellulite” first appeared in the 1920s, coined by spas to sell treatments and in the 60s, the concept took off like wildfire. People realized that they could make money off the insecurities of women and the myth of cellulite became cemented in our culture.

Please think about these things the next time someone tries to make a buck off making you feel bad about your gloriously lumpy body.

I will return Wednesday with a tutorial for a quick and easy summer skin care routine.

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