I was already on the market for a beauty subscription service when I decided to become vegan, so I decided to find a box that would introduce me to the world of vegan skin care and cosmetics. I signed up for Petit Vour, a company with a focus of curating high quality, cruelty free products. They even offer a wide variety of vegan products and give you the option to make your monthly box vegan as well. I got my first box this week and I’m very excited to show you the goodies!


There is so much to love about this Modern Minerals Lip Creme Tint. First of all, its a full size product valued at $20. It looks and tastes great. I’ve always preferred to have a tint or a gloss on my lips rather than a full coverage lipstick, so I am quite pleased that this was included in the box. And as an extra bonus, each lip tint is infused with Lotus Wei flower essence and gemstone energy. This company is talking my language!


Next up is this Niu Body Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Wipes. This is a great product, it is a huge cotton pad, one size textured and the other size smooth, infused with coconut oil and geranium and lavender essential oils. I am a long-time believer in coconut oil as a makeup remover and love the idea of adding skin-loving essential oils in with it. This product smells great and is gentle on my sensitive skin. You will need to follow these up with a cleanser or toner as coconut oil is comedogenic (causes black heads and acne).


This is a product I will probably never need since my skin is as dry as the desert, but I will do my best to review it for all you oily types out there. After I used the coconut oil makeup remover wipes, I removed them with these blotting papers. I’d say they held up pretty well. It took three sheets to remove all the oil and they turned a translucent color but did not rip or shed. I love that they are infused with vitamins C and E, two extremely beneficial products for your skin.


Lastly, we have this lovely sample of perfume. Perfume is a product that is pretty much absent in my life as I was not allowed to wear it at my last job, so these days I’m always eager to find out what I’ve been missing out on. This perfume is called Bloom 23 Perfume and it is by My Daughter Fragrances. I love how light and airy this scent is and I’m always a fan of anything floral and vanilla. Perfume may be out of my area of expertise but I know what I like and this perfume smells damn good.

So far, I am very glad I signed up for this subscription service and I can’t wait to get next month’s box.

Join me on Monday when I reveal the ugly truth about cellulite.

***This post does not contain affiliate links. This subscription service was paid for with my own money and all reviews are my honest opinion.

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