There are so many cool jewelry trends I would love to try this summer but I don’t want to break the bank. That why I rounded up these four trendy jewelry trends that you can try for less than $15 each!


  1. I love these stackable silver rings, they incorporate so many trends at once: moons, arrows, stackable rings, turquoise, and the boho look. I also love that you get 6 rings for less than $8!


2. The layering trend is all over fashion this season and this layered necklace incorporates another trend I love, geodes! This Faux Geode Layered Pendant Necklace comes in three colors. At only $13, its tempting to get all three!


3. This is a bolder take on the geode trend. This unique Citrine Quartz Slice Pendant is also only $13.


4.If you’re looking for a statement piece, try this Titanium Steel Octopus Tentacle Ring. Did you know that octopuses have three hearts, are very intelligent, and have been known to use tools? Did you know that octopuses and octupi are both considered correct? Octopuses are cool. 

***This post contains affiliate links. I do not own any of these products. This is a wishlist, not a review or endorsement.

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