Summer is only weeks away, but I just couldn’t wait. As I was thinking of all the fun and whimsy that the summer months bring, I was inspired to create a line of colorful and fruity bath bombs.

Unicorn Bath Bombs

My first creation was the Unicorn Bath Bomb. Unicorns have been a huge hit this spring, and I don’t see that trend going away anytime soon. This is the least pigmented of the bunch, as I opted for more shimmery and pearlescent colors. When faced with the question “What would a unicorn smell like?” I settled on a blend of citrus like lemongrass, neroli, and bergamot with a bit of patchouli to bring in some base notes. Naturally, I had to top the whole thing off with some gold!


Next, I got inspired by a recent trip to the Farmer’s Market and whipped up these Summer Peach Bath Bombs. This was my first time working with fragrance oil and so far I’m quite pleased. I really loaded up on the colorant in order to up the fun factor, and I topped the whole thing off with some bronze. I was trying to evoke the feeling of being a delicious, bronzed summer goddess. I think I did pretty good, to be honest.


I love that part of my duties as a bath bomb business owner is to “quality control” all these lovely bombs.


Lastly, I came up with the Strawberry Jam Bath Bomb. This time, I had more in mind of the pastel princess type. (Side note: I believe that anyone of any gender, age, size, etc. can and should feel like a fabulous pastel princess anytime they want.) This red and white striped beauty is topped with rose gold shimmer. I was quite pleased with the bath art I was able to create.


If you tilt it to the right, it looks like a phoenix, a symbol I’ve always identified with. (#nerd)

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Come back Monday when I’ll be reviewing a bag I purchased from Poppy Apparel.

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