Not long ago, the Instagram account I use to highlight my makeup and esthetician services reached 1000 followers, something that caught a few companies’ eyes. I received a few emails offering to bring me on as an affiliate marketer, one of which I accepted, one I rejected, and one that changed my life.

An eyelash company that shall remain nameless was among one of the ones that emailed me. I noticed that their lashes were made of mink fur, something that gave me pause. For those who don’t know, while the mink is not killed to obtain it’s fur, it is kept in tiny little cages for it’s entire life. I thought it over for a day, decided that since I eat meat, I didn’t really have the moral high ground here. I emailed them back, indicating my interest, but I couldn’t get the thought of those unfortunate mink out of my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had been avoiding thinking about the horrible conditions the pigs, cows, and chickens that I eat are being kept in. I avoided it because it made me feel guilty and sad. I also knew about the environmental damage factory farming tends to wreak, but again, I had been putting it out of my mind.

By the time the lash company had returned my email, I had decided to stop ignoring my conscience and to take the leap to become vegan. Since then, I have not purchased any more animal products. The transition was easier than I ever could have thought. I focused on all the new foods I was adding to my diet rather than the foods I was taking away. I’ve purged the MAC and Benefit products from my makeup collection, as they test on animals and I am selling them on MUABS.

I’ve also subscribed to Petit Vour, a subscription service that specializes in cruelty-free and vegan makeup and skin care products. I’ll write up a review as soon as I get my first package.

Join me on Friday when I discuss Bath Thyme Botanical’s summer inspired bath bombs.

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5 thoughts on “How A Lash Company Convinced Me To Go Vegan

      1. Definitely not my idea of luxury either! Let’s just hope they’ll resort to using more reasonable materials in the future.


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