Lately, I’ve been concerned that my makeup seems to highlight my pores and make them appear larger. I’ve done many things to tackle this issue and this DIY Honey-Lemon mask seemed like the perfect thing to try next. I found a few recipes online, all of them advising to mix equal parts lemon juice and honey. Knowing that my skin tends to be on the sensitive side, I decided to do 2/3 honey and 1/3 lemon. I dropped a Lavender and Oatmeal Bath Bomb in the bath, just in case, and applied the mask, letting it stay on for 15 minutes while I soaked in lavender and oatmeal goodness.

It was pretty much a fail from start to finish. Even at my lower levels of lemon juice, it was still runny enough to drip into my eye. I flushed it with water and no harm seemed to have been done, so I continued with the mask. I didn’t feel any burning in my skin, so I didn’t see any reason to not leave it on for the normal time one would leave a mask on. I rinsed it off and finished up my bath. When I glanced myself in the mirror, I noticed that my face was beet red! I grabbed my Dermalogica calming spritz and sprayed my face down, then put on an ice pack to calm the redness. Thankfully, it subsided. This mask might would work better if I tweaked the ratios or the timing, but it honestly doesn’t seem worth it.

Just remember, everybody, just because something is natural, doesn’t mean that it is safe to put on your skin. I love natural products, but fruits often do contain high levels of acids, so do your research or feel the burn!

Check back on Wednesday when I’ll be talking about how a lash company convinced me to go vegan.

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