At the beginning of May, I purchased several products with the goal of decreasing my pore size, improving hydration and skin texture, and prepping my skin for makeup.


I’ve used First Aid Beauty products before and loved them, so when I saw this Vitamin Hydrating Mist, I was excited to try it. I have not been disappointed.  I like using this in the morning, after my toner and before my moisturizer. It has a pleasant, spicy scent and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and dewy. My favorite thing about this product is how many of the ingredients I not only recognize, but that I also keep in my essential oil regimen. It has bergmot, orange peel, grapefruit, licorice, rosemary, basil, and sandalwood. This entire line is safe for sensitive skin, one of the reasons I like it.

I picked up this eye cream to keep my under-eye area as hydrated as possible to make my concealers and baking look more natural. I put this on at night under my overnight mask (see below). Somehow, I always manage to get it in my eyes, probably because I’m a chronic eye-rubber. My own derpitude aside, it is a great product and it has definitely helped. Plus, I’m always a fan of anything coconut-scented.


I also picked up this Yes to Coconut Overnight Cream. I’ve been very pleased with this cream, it goes on smoothly, isn’t greasy, and I wake up with hydrated skin. This and the eye cream have been my first experience with this brand and I’m excited to try what else they have to offer.


I bought this Dermadoctor Kakadu C cleanser because I needed to step-up my exfoliation routine and I wanted to add more vitamin C based products into my routine. Since my skin is a bit on the sensitive side, I use this every other night as my second cleanse. (If you wear makeup, you should really cleanse your skin twice.) I feel like it has improved my skin, it does appear brighter and I can definitely tell an improvement in my flaky patches on days that I use it. This is also a new brand to me and I’ll be checking out their other products.


I kind of loaded up on Philosophy products on my little shopping spree. I alternate this Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash with the Kakadu C as my second cleanse. This has small, exfoliating beads that remove dead skin. While this is a good product and it totally does it’s job, it will probably be my last granular exfoliant. My skin just gets too overstimulated from them.


The Philosophy Hope in a Jar Dry  moisturizer is my favorite of my new purchases. It is a very creamy, heavy moisturizer and my skin just drinks this stuff up. My last brand was a medical line from Spain and this actually compares to that. I will probably be using this from now on because I can just run down to Ulta to by it instead of having to drive to a spa downtown (I live in the ‘burbs).


I got these Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleansing Cloths to take off my makeup on those nights when I’m too lazy to do my full makeup routine. Unfortunately, my skin reacted to these so I’ve only used these a couple of times. I did not have that problem with any of the other Philosophy products, so I’m not sure why I did with this one. Having sensitive skin is an un-fun mystery sometimes.


I’ve been using Biore Strips since high school *cough cough mutter* years ago, which is a long time to stick with one product. I hadn’t used these in a while, since I’ve gotten less blackheads as I’ve gotten. Still, less is not none so I decided to give my neglected pores a deep cleaning. Not much has changed over the years, it is still the same reliable product that I remember and I still have a sick fascination with the gunk it pulls out of my nose. That sick fascination is part of why I became an esthetician!

That’s it for now. On Monday I’ll be talking about a DIY mask fail I experienced recently.

***This post contains affiliate links. All products were purchased with my own money and all reviews are my honest opinion.

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