In my quest to change-up my makeup and skin care routine for summer, I purchased quite a few products at the beginning of May. Here are my impressions after a few weeks of use.



First up is the Too Faced Love Light highlighter in “Ray of Light.” I like this highlighter, its subtle enough for daily wear but still gives your skin a noticeable, soft sheen. I really like the gold, heart shaped packaging as well. Super cute.


Next, we have the Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil. I needed a powder, but didn’t want one that would cling to my dry, flaky patches. While it doesn’t dry out my skin the way most powders do, they seem to have added a slight bit of shimmer, which I don’t like. It inevitably clings to any hair I have on my upper lip and leaves me with a glitter mustache.


After reading and watching several bronzer reviews, I decided to go with the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, in no small part because it smells like chocolate! I love, love, love this bronzer, it has a very warm, natural color. I’ve been using this every day since I purchased it.


I was in the market for a new eyebrow product because the pencil I had before was just too light of a brown and I have deep brown, almost black hair. I picked up Benefit’s Ka-Brow in #5. I really liked that this one came with it’s own little brush. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way! I recommend dipping just the tip of the brush into the product and using a light touch. I makes my brows look very sharp and defined. This is another one that I’ve used every day.


I was looking for something a little lighter in coverage for the summer, so I tried out this Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint in 3.5 Sand. Its somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and foundation. Its very moisturizing but it provides medium coverage. Its easy to use too much because you expect it to perform more like a tinted moisturizer, or at least I did. Only put on as much as you would a medium to full coverage foundation.


I also picked up some brushes, starting with this two pack Japonesque Must Have Color Correcting Brush Duo. It contains a small, fluffy brush that is perfect for powder under the eye and a double-ended sponge brush that I didn’t like very much. Its a bit too hard to use under the eyes, which is where I do the most of my color-correcting.


I also got this Japonesque Kumadori Blending Brush and I love it. I use it to apply my bronzer as it is very wide and soft and does a great job of blending it out.


The last of my new Japonesque brushes is this Pro Angled Brow Definer Brush. I ended up not using this one much because my new brow gel came with it’s own brush and this one is a little sharp and pokey.


Lastly, I picked up this Creme Shop OMG Brush for Foundation and Powder. This was a great purchase, its super soft, blends really well, and was very reasonably priced. I had been wanting one in this style for a while now. This is a dupe for a more expensive brush (there are so many copies now, I’m not sure which was the first) and I have seen some side-by-side comparisons with this brand, which is what convinced me to buy. Every one says it compares very well to the original/more expensive brands.

Tune in on Friday when I review the skin care products I purchased this month.


***This post contains affiliate links. All products were purchased with my own money and all reviews are my honest opinion.

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