As Mother’s Day approached, my mother-in-law requested some lotion as her present. I took this opportunity to experiment with whipped body butters, a project I’ve been wanting to try for some time. I was quite pleased with the results and will be offering these in the Etsy shop soon.

I started by melting equal parts mango butter  and shea butter. After mixing the melted butters, I popped the bowl back in the freezer to help them solidify so that my whipping process would be shortened. I went ahead and added a few teaspoons of almond oil, vitamin E oil, and some of my Bath Thyme Botanicals essential oil mix (Stress Buster for one batch and Sleep Tight for another.) Then, I set my mixer to its lowest setting, gradually increasing the speed as the mixture became creamier. When it finally reached a satisfactory level of aeration, some twenty minutes later, I put them in some glass jars, labeled them, and voila, Mother’s Day presents were sorted!

Join me again on Monday when I’ll be talking about Bath Thyme Botanical’s best selling bath bomb.


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